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A Healthy Alternative to Synthetic Perfume

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Dandelions Sophie Perfume” by foxandfeathers is licensed under CC BY 2.5

For several years now I have converted from wearing synthetic fragrance to organic perfumes that utilize essential oils. I have always been a lover of all things sweet-smelling, and was an avid wearer of Miss Cherie by Dior for many years. I frequently got compliments on how good I smelled, and my perfume lasted nearly the entire day. However, in an effort to reduce the level of toxins I subject my body to daily, I have come to recognize that traditional perfume is hazardous to my health and wellbeing.

Most common perfumes are made up of “fragrance.” Fragrance is generally created by using a chemical formulation of petroleum, motor oil, or coal tar. These chemicals are comparable to what is used in smoking tobacco, and are considered carcinogenic. It is a serious public health concern for those who wear synthetic perfume as well as others who are subjected to second-hand fragrance. Read more about the health hazards of synthetic fragrance here.

You may be wondering – what will I do without my favorite perfume? Enter the world of essential oils! Not only does the right combination of essential oils smell divine, but many essential oils have healing properties and can cure disease. Essential oils are extracted from plants such as flowers, herbs, bark, etc. through a process called steam distillation. The oils enter your body through inhalation, oral ingestion, or through contact with skin. They work to clean out our cells by bringing oxygen to the cells, thus maximizing our bodies’ natural detoxification. In order to work properly, essential oils need to be of high quality without added fillers.

Essential oils can address physical ailments as well as ease emotional problems. For example, roman chamomile can heal allergies, arthritis, headaches, inflamed skin and PMS as well as reduce anger, depression, loneliness, fear, and stress. Lemongrass can heal acne, athlete’s foot, excessive perspiration, and muscle aches as well as fatigue and mental confusion. Learn more here.

Who would have thought that something that smells so good could do so much? Here are some of my favorite perfumes that utilize pure essential oils:


Misaki by Tsi-La: This perfume is unique in that is comes in a spray bottle like most traditional perfumes, utilizing food grade sugar cane alcohol. I find the scent to be light and floral, with notes of warmth – sweet and seductive. The perfume is intended to be unisex, but I find it to be more lady-like. Ingredients include French lavender, red tea, vanilla, bergamot, honey, and other wild flower extracts – think “French countryside.” Although it’s not listed in the ingredients, I swear I can detect cinnamon – It truly smells good enough to eat!


Aromatic Irritability Treatment by Tata Harper: This is my all-time favorite perfume to wear. It is intended to be an aromatherapy treatment, however I wear it as a perfume. The scent is intended to reduce moods of irritability, and the scent is incredibly intoxicating. I typically get many compliments when I wear this perfume. It has an herbal, complex fragrance with ingredients including chamomile, bergamot, grass, rose, and patchouli. I consider this my confidence-booster! It helps me to feel more grounded and at ease. This perfume comes with a roller-ball application, and the essential oils are combined with carrier oil that is applied directly to pulse points on the skin.

irritability treatment

Nu Green Verrine by Honore Des Pres: This perfume also comes in a traditional spray bottle. The name says is all – it truly smells “green” – as if you are in a springtime meadow after a rainfall. Ingredients include grass, mint, musk, tarragon, and cedar wood. This fragrance is incredibly easy on the nose. It is light and sweet with earthy undertones. It seems like the perfect fragrance for all you earthy, crunchy, yogi ladies!

nu green

Yiska by Tallulah Jane: This perfume comes in a spray bottle, and is intended for men. I absolutely fell in love with this fragrance, and bought it for my husband as a birthday gift. For those of you who love the smell of men’s cologne, this may be the perfect gift for the men you care about – or even for yourself! Who says women can’t rock an arousing, masculine perfume? Ingredients include notes of citrus, floral, tea, woods, and leather – ooh la la!


There you have it – clean, healthy fragrances that are as complex and beautiful as you!

Have you tried any of these perfumes? What are your favorite organic fragrances?

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